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Temptation to open, yet the door in front of you is only one. There are many more clustered paths within, despite your first layered perceptions of reality. The hidden doors and paths endless. Do you so dare to tread these dark and misty pines unto the unknown? If so, cast aside your judgments, fear, safety and close-mindedness. For my nose rises to your scent and I greet you with a welcoming howl. But, will you stay as the darkening depths enter, as the truth is unveiled, with it's empty carelessness? Hardly is this place giving, sustained by only roots and spirit. Rare to catch a glimpse of a true friend, besides insanity. Hunted by demons of the past. If you so not dare, beware if you're even on the outskirts, for you would not want to be trapped in this lonely darkness of light. My paws endure, until the end of my physical quest, to help you all, and rest forever in the den of light. Beware...

(June 1999) Basic Training - US Army - Ft Benning, Ga.